difference between charger and adapter

what is the difference between charger and adapter?

you guys may be finding the difference between charger and adapter so before going to the main difference between these two we should first discuss the charger


Charger:what is a charger?

A battery charger is a device used to inject energy into a secondary battery or a rechargeable battery by passing an electric current through it.

The charging protocol based on the expanse and kind of battery being charged. Some types of batteries have a high overload tolerance (ie, a continuous charge when the battery is fully charged) and can be recharged by connecting them to a constant voltage source or a constant current source. depending on the type of battery. Single chargers of this type must be disconnected manually at the end of the charging cycle, and some battery types absolutely require, or may use a timer, to turn off the charging current at a fixed time, approximately when charging is complete. Other types of batteries can not withstand overcharging, damage (reduced capacity, reduced service life), overheating or even explosion. The charger may in contains voltage or temperature sensing circuits and a microprocessor controller to safely adjust the voltage and charging current, control the condition of charge, and stop charging finalization.

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Adapter: what is an adapter

An adapter (electric) is a device that changes the allot of a device or electrical system into allot of an or else incompatible device or system. Some modify the power or signal attributes, while others simply adopt the optical form from one electrical connector to another.

universal, an adapter mentions any more circuitry raise on the computer or in the form of an add-on that presents the computer additional functionality or compatibility. For example, a video card gives the computer the ability to display a video on a monitor. Although most video cards come in the form of an expansion card, they can also be embedded. The image is a PS / 2 to USB adapter and another example adapter.

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finally we should discuss the difference between adapter and charger below

Where is the difference between charger and Adapter?

According to the above definition and the content of the personal opinion, the same rated charger is not usually used directly for power, just like our mobile phone charger, because it is used to charge the phone and not the connected wires directly connected to misuse of the battery; generally can not only power adapter for power, but also to give an electric charge, such as laptop power adapters, it can charge to the computer, but also to the computer power supply.

#1: charger is the combination of adapter and cable but adapter is the main part to which cable is connected

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