Difference between MBA and Executive-MBA

Difference between MBA and Executive-MBA

hey you might be finding of the difference between MBA and executive MBA.so let’s find out the difference between these two but before discussing the difference between MBA and executive-MBA we should discuss MBA

what is MBA?

MBA stands for master in business administration.This is the master degree course done after doing b.tech or any graduation course. This is the course that provides theoretical and practical knowledge about the business. this course is a full-time course provided by the university.

The classes are taken daily and this course has more opportunity. While talking about the package here the MBA students get more salary. For getting admission into an MBA you need to qualify the entrance examination. know more about mba entrance examination

This MBA course is also known as full-time MBA because the presence of the student in the classroom is mandatory.

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Now we should discuss about Executive-MBA

Executive-MBA is also known as E-MBA and this also stands for executive master in business administration. This course is a part-time MBA course provided for the persons who are doing jobs and still want to make growth in their career.

This is a part-time MBA course where the presence of the student is not mandatory. The classes are taken on weekends and some institutes also provide skype classes or online classes to teach the E-mba students.

For getting admission into this E-MBA the person doesnot needs to appear any entrance or examination, the person only needs to have 1-3 years of experience

The scope of this part-time MBA is less than a full-time MBA course and the salary package is also low as compared to Executive-MBA.

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Difference between MBA and Executive-MBA:

  • MBA course is designed for the students who are nonexperienced and E-MBA is designed for the experienced candidates having 1-3years of experience.
  • MBA  is a full-time course but an executive MBA or MBA is a part-time mba course.
  • Each person applying for MBA can get admitted into this by qualifying GMAT(in European countries),CAT,MAT and JAT(in india) entrance  examinations  and for EMBA there is no entrance examination.
  •  Duration for both the course are same {2 year in north America and Asian country  and 1 year in  Europe}
  •   Mba needs the presence of the student but e mba doesnot require the presence of the students
  • The salary provided to MBA students is more than the executive mba students.
  • The classes of mba are taken daily but the executive MBA classes are taken weekly or on weekends.

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