13 major Difference between cellphone and smartphone

before we should discuss the difference between cellphone and smartphone we should first discuss what is a mobile phone?because smartphone and cellphone these two are types of mobile phones used by the peoples

difference between smartphone and cellphone

so let us discuss What is a mobile phone?

Mobile or phone communication devices are connected to a wireless network through radio waves or satellite broadcasts. Most mobile phones offer voice, SMS and MMS services, and newer phones can also provide internet services like internet browsing, instant messaging, and email capabilities.

What is a smartphone?

Smartphones are a class of mobile phones and versatile mobile computing devices. basically, smartphones are known as the mini computers that can perform video calls, access the internet can click pictures like a camera

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What is a Cellphone?
A cell phone is a mobile phone that uses cellular network technology to make and receive calls. The name comes from the cell-shaped structure of these networks. here I want to explain to you that the cell phone is an old model phone used in the year of 2000-2010 as these phones are tiny in size and only used to make calls and receive calls.

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let us discuss the difference between a smartphone and cellphone?

1:used in different sections

In 2019 people using a smartphone as an entertainment section and cellphone as working sections. There are some reasons between cellphone and smartphone and There are also many things that you can’t do in cellphone but you can do easily on the smartphone.


it basically depends upon you which work are you doing because if you are a student, blogger, and data analyzer, etc. smartphone is good for that type of work because applications and software help you in this type of work. In the other hand if you are businessman it helps you to manage contacts easily in cellphone because of their simple and formal design and interface easily understandable. In a cellphone, you will not get much scope like browsing the internet, online calling, and chatting, etc.


People finding a stylish phone to show off. In the smartphone, there are many varieties with a different style but cellphone have not much variety but still, Nokia is the only company who is creating a good design and stylish phones in a cellphone. The design and screen size of the cellphone is smaller than a smartphone.


The thickness of the smartphone is very low but in the cell phone, you will not get much thickness so that it does not mean that the cellphone looks awkward to see and it’s pretty and quite to look.


The smartphone is not compact than a cellphone and smartphone is also heavier than a cellphone so
it does not mean that the smartphone is not compact and lightweight. you will also get a compact and lightweight phone in the smartphone like iPhone 8 or iPhone X.


Both devices ( cellphone and smartphone ) are easy to portable and does not occupy much space. you can easily carry in your bag or in your pocket also.

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7:Operating System

In the smartphone there many operating systems but there are only three operating systems is the famous or most using operating system that is android, ios and windows. In a cell phone, there are not many operating systems. there is only Symbian operating system that is in Nokia cellphone and some Chinese operating system in the cellphone.


In 2019 there is a smartphone has become the trend to buy a costly phone to show off and many people buying a costly phone to showoff but many people use both cellphones and smartphones because they use a smartphone as an entertainment purpose and cellphone as making calls and sending SMS or etc.


the cellphone has not many specifications to show and the smartphone is a powerful device and it is also powerful than a cellphone and a Smartphone is competing the decent specifications laptop.


there are many applications in cellphone they have only decent apps like the call, messages, time, notes, setting and etc. but on the other hand, the smartphone has more than millions of apps in their stores like Train status checking, live tv, online, weather forecasting, shopping applications and etc.


In the smartphone, you can watch movies, listening to the song, playing games, talking online, video calling, streaming, watching online videos, checking train status, checking flight status, weather forecasting and etc. but on the other hand, the cellphone has not much to do things like a smartphone.

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12:Easy to understand

There are not many things to understand in cellphone so you can easily understand this on the other hand smartphone is not much difficult to understand and you can also do you work with the help voice recognition so it means both devices ( cellphone and smartphone) is not much hard to understand.


The cellphone is cheaper than a smartphone. you can easily get the cellphone in 10$ to 50$ and the smartphone starting price is 80$ to 1500$ and some are more expensive than 1500$. It means the cellphone is cheap and the smartphone is expensive.

after all here is the infographic that provides the graphical representation of the difference between cellphone and smartphone

cellphone vs smartphone

comment your thoughts or suggestions below on the difference between cellphone and smartphone

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